Daily Archives: 2. May 2019

The Mysterious Room

If there’s something strange in you neighborhood, Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Die eilig herbeigerufenen Geisterjäger Venkman, Stanz, Spengler & Co haben einen neuen Auftrag erhalten. In den obligatorischen Ghostbuster-Overalls machen sich unverzüglich auf, ausgestattet mit reichlich Spezialequipment, dem Spuk im Hotel endgültig ein Ende zu bereiten. Secret Box THE […]

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The Exam

Ich wittere hier Betrug im ganz großem Stiel ‼️ ? Das was unser Modellathlet bei den physikalischen Tasks in den Sand gesetzt hat – ich erinnere daran, wie wir ihn aus dem Bällebad vorm ertrinken retten mussten – wollte er anschließend bei der mentalen Prüfung mit unlauteren Mitteln wieder wettmachen. […]

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The Kidnapping

Cubick 2 is only a stone’s throw away from Cubick 1. In the scenario El Secuestro (The Kidnapping), our task is to free little Maria from the clutches of the morbid kidnapper who threatens to kill the girl live in front of the camera. So we don’t have time to […]

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The Interview

There has been a lot of advance praise for this room, and often the expectations that have been raised as a result are not fulfilled. But that wasn’t the case with THE INTERVIEW. It was a great experience from start to finish! A real test. All kinds of puzzles. In […]

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The provider Futura in Pineda de Mar, located about 75 minutes east of Barcelona by car, surprised us very positively. We did not expect something like this so far outside. The very spacious escapegame of the same name (approx. 90 sqm) convinces with attention to detail, a very harmonious atmosphere […]

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