Daily Archives: 4. May 2019

The Diamond of Souls

First of all many thanks to my fellow player Leticia! For overcoming your fear and allowing me to play in this great room. I don’t want to miss this experience. You have fought very bravely! Yes, THE DIAMOND OF SOULS (El Diamante de Almas) is really a horror room! Although […]

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Abduction 4 – Enterprises

Abduction 4 Enterprises – That’s what Batman fans have been waiting for! It’s not a usual ER, and if you thought that Abduction 3 – THE EXAM was the end of the line in terms of sports activities in an escape game, this room will teach you better. So the […]

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Open Mind Room Escape is located in Cornellà de Llobregat about 18 km west of Barcelona. Open Mind operates only one room called MISIÓN S.W.A.T. At the beginning there is a short briefing, we put the bulletproof vests on, check again our weapons and immediately with the emergency vehicle to […]

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Kidnapped in BCN

Ouch!!! WTF! With the two brothers here ain’t no joke. They take their thing very seriously. An ER experience of a different kind. Trashy, funny, painful and guaranteed not youth free. It‘s hard to write about without spoilers. Completely wacky!

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The 2 game of Unreal Room Escape, the makers of La Mina, was one of the highlights of our Barcelona trip for me, and not only because I really like the series NARCOS. It’s just fun to dive into the time of the drug cartels, to search for the stolen […]

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The Darkness

Lighthouse magazine is dedicated to investigating paranormal activity. All cases, except the last one, have been solved so far. And that is why we were sent here today. To solve the mysterious “Digoine” case. After our liaison has received us, updated us on the latest state of the investigation and […]

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