Daily Archives: 15. August 2019

The Girls Room

Of course Escape Room Nederland is not just The Dome! There are two more Escape Rooms, but they belong to the horror genre. THE LABORATORY – the first ER in the Netherlands! – and THE GIRLS ROOM, who will probably be known to most horror fans as one of the […]

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The Dome

I have played this room already for the 2nd time and feel strengthened in my thesis. THE D?ME IS NOT FROM THIS WORLD!!! Extraterrestrials have created in order to test the intelligence of mankind ?. Because what Escape Room Netherland delivers here is simply mindfucking awesome! The slogan ESCAPE YOUR […]

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The Classroom

Forsaken Escape Room in Deventer operates only this one room of the same name. In this mystery story we investigate the rumors of the death of a child in a school located in a bunker. In this scenario you are initially separated into two groups and have to reunite them […]

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The Sabotage

The sabotage mission, the game from the Russian perspective, ran somewhat more smoothly. The gameflow was better here. But also here I didn’t like all puzzles and it was again too dark and too loud for my taste – Why do you always turn up the volume so much? Is […]

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The Launch

The Space / Noordkade Uitjes in Veghel advertises to be the biggest Escape mission in the world and that’s what they do. The dimension of the scenery is mega impressive. There are two missions, THE LAUNCH and THE SABOTAGE, which you can play either individually or, in a larger constellation, […]

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The Blind Tiger

Team Trapped, the first stop on our four-day Holland tour, has two rooms. THE BLIND TIGER (our choice) and the Magic-/Mystery-Room THE ATTIC. We were received very friendly and were welcomed by a professionally made intro video into what I think is a pretty creative story. THE BLIND TIGER is […]

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