Daily Archives: 18. August 2019

The Asylum Revealed

The Mystery House is a location in an old cinema in the heart of Valkenburg. They have actually 4 themes – Master Mind, The Zodiac Letter, The Lost Flight and the one we played Asylum Revealed, which is an Escape Game in the style of Shutter Islands. Although the operator […]

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The Bar

This is a combination of scavenger hunt and escapegame, for which you should plan a total of at least 150 minutes. The Outside Part is about answering a series of questions equipped with a compass ?, notes and paper ?, which finally reveal the coordinates of the secret bar. This […]

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Hunting Season

On our four-day Escape tour we made a short detour to Belgium. To be more precise, to Zoersel, a municipality in Flanders, about 30 km east of Antwerp. The reason for this was the Escape Room Hunting Season, which is currently ranked 4th on the rating platform On the […]

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