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Fight your fears! is the motto of the provider “Fear of the Dark”, which offers three XXL Escape Games for shock therapy with Black Hole Edition (90 ‘), The Apocalypse (103’) and Genesis (100’). We are not afraid of the dark! That’s why we don’t mind playing Genesis at the […]

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Upside Down

It’s Halloween and there’s zombies everywhere! We’ve been taken to a secret military instalment to deal with the problem. Considering this is a pop-up room the environment is great. We’re welcomed at an impromptu command center, then sent into a maze of rooms. The rooms have minimal props. And zombies. […]

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Never Sleep Again

“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you/Three, four, better lock your door/Five, six, grab your crucifix/Seven, eight, gonna stay up late/Nine, ten, never sleep again.” is quite a famous song. If you do not know what this song is about, you are probably too young and things like Friday, the 13th, […]

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The Portal

I seldomly had so much fun in a horror escape room, as I did in this one. Laughing is usually not the thing you associate the most, when you recall a horror experience, but this one was really special. The beginning of the game is really good, a good portion […]

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Medieval Torture Exhibition

Located in the far North of the city, getting there was already an adventure. We left with enough time and tried to use public transport, but with our non-existent Greek language skills and some unfortunate decisions we ended up taking a taxi from the middle of nowhere, after at least […]

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As with Operation Silk City we had reserved this game, as the last one of the day. Again, we could not find a third player, so we had to face this game as a team of two, which is quite challenging, for such a large room. The funny note was […]

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