Daily Archives: 19. December 2019

Escape Bar

The Escape Bar was a new and beautiful experience for me. It’s a well thought-out room with an interesting story nicely staged by the gamemaster, who plays the role very well. A bar where you would like to stay longer, but of course you have to start sometime to solve […]

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An Incredible Story of Nautilus

MindMaze offers four Escape Games. Two of them, Enigma and Alchemist’s Chamber, which can also be played in battle mode, at the location Tyršova 9, Prague 2. Our actual game location is relatively centrally in Prague and can be reached from Central Station in a few minutes on foot. On […]

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Hose voll und Spaß dabei! So soll es sein ?. Ein Experiment lief außer Kontrolle, und wir waren mutig genug die zugemauerte Stahltüre zu öffnen und das „Projekt Poltergeist“ zu beenden. Bewaffnet mit unseren messerscharfen Verstand und schwach leuchtenden Taschenlampen mussten wir schnell durch die kurzzeitige geöffnete Stahltüre kriechen, bevor […]

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Opus Magnum

How can you manipulate the past without destroying the future? That is the question we face in Opus Magnum as private detectives. We were commissioned by a descendant of a renowned Czech scientist, to search for the result of the life’s work, a discovery that could turn the world upside […]

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The visit to The Chamber in Prague was the first time for some of us, and we really enjoyed it. For me it was a surprise to play such a perfect Wonderland room. The story fits like a glove, the gamemaster did a good job and introduced us very well […]

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