Daily Archives: 28. December 2019

The Awakening of Ms Blood

Due to an earlier game, we were having some delay and luckily the friendly owner allowed us to play the game with a slight delay in the start. Being experienced he spared us the typical standard introduction and only explained us something very particular about this game, namely that there […]

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Magic School

Magic School was the second room we played in this venue (The other one, Frankenstein’s girlfriend, was reviewed by Heiner quite a while ago). The transition from the classical reception to the room introduction is done in the same manner, which already guarantees some laughter even before you start the […]

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The Video Store of the 80s

The youngsters among you might not now anymore what a video store is, or if you do, most likely you have never set foot in one. Physically borrowing movies nowadays sounds like something from remote times. In my case I grew up going every weekend with my father to one, […]

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