Daily Archives: 3. January 2020


The haunted scene in Bulgaria is not (yet) very pronounced. Much to the chagrin of the operators, who look a little envious to Athens, where they love to go to play as passionate escapers, and of course they want such a market in Sofia. But the spark hasn’t really been […]

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The Revenge

We played both Saw rooms one after the other (back2back). However, after Maxim’s relatively painful experience in “Game Over”, in the second part, “The Revenge” (originally planned as “Nightmare” mode), we were insightful, and yet we opted for the softened “Hardcore” mode. That was a good decision! The game starts […]

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Game Over

We ignored all warnings on the website (torture, fear, rude behavior, medium injure possibility, don’t get surprised whatever happened to you, you choose it yourself, NOT FOR EVERYBODY!) – and of course we opted at SawRoom – Game Over for the “Are you fucking insane?” mode, which, according to the […]

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