Daily Archives: 26. January 2020

Library Rats

I did not expect to return to the purple door of Action House one year later, given that in my last visit to Madrid I had played their two games (A Lost Case and Library Rats). Furthermore, the game was heavily based on the acting and one year ago the […]

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Ambar: The Visit

This game is presented as the first beer-related escape game of Spain (Ambar is a beer brand), and even though I have stopped drinking beer many years ago, having a German group and not playing this game would have been sacrilege. The game belongs to a Spanish-wide operating escape chain […]

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Goya’s Madness

We arrived at the location and we had some time to enjoy some good food and coffee at the corner of the escape room. If you play this one, make sure to visit Kibo right on the corner. The place is run by an Argentinian and had all the delicacies, […]

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The (Diavik) Mine

When we played this game in January it was still called Diavik’s mine and was operating under the name of the company that developed this game (Unreal). Nowadays they are a separate company and they also renamed the game to Quintana´s mine (La mina de Quintana). Most of the European […]

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