Daily Archives: 23. February 2020


Once you started Roomanji you will have to finish the game and shout his name three times … Roomanji by Ilusium in Mataró (30km northeast of Barcelona), has been on the to-do list for a long time. So far it has always failed because the room, that finished 36th in […]

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Something dark disturbs the tranquility of the neighbors of the old Granollers cemetery. Shadows, noises, feeling that something is watching them, something is following them … Profana is a new provider based in Granollers, which is approximately 45 minutes’ drive northwest of Barcelona. Parking spaces are available. The 90-minute escape […]

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We are a team of experts, appointed by the Vatican, to verify the veracity of the rumors of demonic events, to decide whether the village chapel is declared an unholy place and, as a result, will be closed forever. Awaken is the name of the first room of the new […]

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Kairos Room Escape is the name of a new provider that opened its doors in Barcelona in 2020. Their first room, called Credo, last 90 minutes and is about faith and tradition. Our pilgrim community, consisting of five brothers and sisters, was the first English-speaking group to walk the winding […]

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