Daily Archives: 24. October 2020


How did we get into this shit? As vampires, chained in a cell, we wait for our predetermined fate. Dawn is already beginning. The light of day will mean our certain death and make us collapse into a pile of ashes. We have little time left … Trapped is one […]

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The Millions

A very likeable provider! The Lock is a good address for all those who go to Athens and are not necessarily into horror. In the two locations, only a few minutes’ walk from each other, in Agia Paraskevi, a district in eastern Athens, six family-friendly themed rooms are waiting for […]

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The Age of Dawn

We are well-disposed towards the children of the forest and abhor the practices of some greedy people who ruthlessly burned down their forests and massacred many children in the process. The ensuing war, which lasted almost 2000 years, made the desperate children realize that only a pact with the dark […]

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