Daily Archives: 6. October 2021

Can Farigola

CAN FARIGOLA by Virus Room Escape in Arenys de Mar, Spain

“Guys, what the hell is a Can Farigola?”, I remember asking the other tour mates again and again as we made our way to the room. Well, I later got the answer to that, which is “an extremely peculiar landlord with an extremely doubtful get rich quick scheme”. This room […]

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The Last Hour

The Last Hour by Le Sablier in Perpignan, France

We arrived in France after playing most of the ridiculous horror escape rooms that Spanish has to offer. And as expected, the definition of a “French horror escape room” is very different than a Spanish one. The Last Hour is very nice. It has a creepy vibe, and a few […]

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VOODOO by La Boussole in Canet-en-Roussillon, France

Once again on the same day, we once again drank too much, blacked out, and woke up in a place we did not recognize after being kidnapped. While I generally find it quite rude that people kidnap us like that, at least this time I am happy that they did […]

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Harry and the three Hallows

HARRY AND THE 3 HALLOWS by TimeZone in Perpignan, France

First of all – any room that is themed around Harry Potter gets a few extra bonus points in my mind. The company also had a Disney room, but sadly we did not have the time to play it too. The room isn’t the most impressive Harry Potter room, or […]

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