Edaqa Mortoray

I'm a vegetable powered escape enthusiast, with roughly 300 rooms played. I design my own online escape games at Edaqa's Room:

Aztec Catacomb

Aztec Temple by Neverland in Budapest, Hungary

A curse spreads upon the land; could the gods be angry? The elders have sent us to brave the halls of the ancient Aztec temple and find the healing crystal. But the ground is rumbling! It feels like we’re short on time. Aztec Catacomb is an immersive game set within […]

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Secret Subway

Secret Subway by E-Exit in Budapest, Hungary

“Deep beneath the streets of Budapest lie the secrets of a once a brilliant inventor. Their name has been forgotten, but perhaps we can descend into their realm and uncover its mysteries.” Going down a short stairwell, we emerge into the wonderful aesthetics of Secret Subway. Lots of little gadgets […]

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Das Amulett

Das Amulett von 66 Minuten in Neuwied

As the night falls, we’re back to revisit the case of Madita, in the apartment of her suspected killer. Her ghost is uneasy, and our presence is unwelcome. Perhaps something else is also hiding here in the dark. Das Amulett is atmospheric and full of 80s horror movie references. Set […]

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Abandoned Hotel

Abandoned Hotel by Exit 19 in Wroclaw, Poland

Looming above Sinwood, where malevolence disturbs once tranquil hallways, a hotel begets a mystery. A solitary bellhop remains, forever loyal to the memories of lost women, waiting for those that would put their spirits to rest. Tantalizing, and terrifying, will our misguided curiosity land us as saviours, or will our […]

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The Rock

THE ROCK byExus in Gersthofen, Germany

A midnight tour of the infamous Alcatraz prison sounds delightful. At least, until the lights go out and the doors are locked. It’s best we get out before that screaming gets closer. Thrust behind a large door, we begin in a tiny, dark room. With a bit of fumbling about, […]

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Die Wunderlampe

Die Wunderlampe von EscapeGame Kufstein

We are the most sought after tailors this side of the orient, so naturally we’d attract the attention of the Sultan. That was our plan, after all. Let’s hope we can get away with this sewing facade long enough to find his wealth and steal it. The palace is opulent […]

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Prison Break

Prison Break by EscapeGame Kufstein

Trapped in a prison, but we know there’s a way out. We only need to work together, so grab a spoon and let’s get digging. Prison Break is the quintessential escape game: you’re trapped in a room and need to break out. I’m pleased this rendition of the classic prison […]

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Pirate Treasure

Der versunkene Piratenschatz von EscapeGame Kufstein

We’ve located a sunken pirate, fabled to contain riches from an age forgotten. Boarding our trusty sub we take a deep dive, and a candle, in search of artifacts. Visually this room is appealing, but overall we felt let down. The initial sub-ride set the tone. It’s a static experience […]

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Maniac by NoWayOut Innsbruck

I love being invited to dinner, though I should probably check the menu before accepting. Seasoned people is not high on my list of preferred dishes. Maniac is filled with cages, human entrails, and a screaming, but often friendly, young lady. The actress’ role is curiously different to what I’ve […]

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Houdini by NoWayOut Innsbruck

Apparently, breaking into Houdini’s workshop was not a wise idea. We now find ourselves trapped in cages! Perhaps it’s a test. It certainly was for us. Let me start with the positives. The room had a realistic backstage atmosphere, assuming Houdini hired orderly stage hands. There were a variety of […]

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