15. International Online Escape Game Tournament!

PROTOTYPE by Edaqa's Room

Participants: 44 Players (11 Nations, 17 Teams)
Game: Prototype
Company: Edaqa’s Room
Date: Sun. 26. Jul. 2020
Time: 8:00PM CET
Mission time: 60-90 minutes (for regular players)
Team: 2-4 Players
Price: $12.50 / Team 

Story: You’ve applied for a new job, an amazing role as a game master at a brand new escape room. Alas, a mishap has you trapped in the very room you’re supposed to run. Can you get out before the vampires* come?

*There are no vampires, but you might get hungry if you take too long.

15. EGOlympics - Final Table
RankTimeCountryTeam NamePlayers
130:24🇺🇸Team ProspectTammy + Jason + Shuai + Richard
231:00🇬🇧Team SquaredDave + Mark + Sera + Sharan
231:00🇬🇧Team DARKEDave + Alice + Krys + Rachel
440:00🇮🇹🇩🇪Das Team, das mir persönlich am besten gefälltFlo + Joey
440:00🇺🇸Team Go Back to BedJennifer + Wei-Hwa + Trisha
643:00🇩🇪KeyTownSusanne + Matthias + Alex
746:00🇷🇴🇸🇪🇩🇪Team Harz EscapeJulia + Pär + Alex + Florian
847:00🇬🇧🇸🇬Team EscapeTheReviewToby + Pris
948:00🇺🇸Team BluefishAnna + Ace
948:00🇦🇹🇫🇷Serial-EscapersSnow + Saol
1153:00🇩🇪High5Annalisa + Tanja
1270:00🇬🇧Team EMERGEJames + Jackie
1376:00🇦🇹Das A-TeamEva + Max
1477:00🇩🇪LetscapeFriederike + Jan
1587:00🇺🇾The (s)on(e) and One’llySantiago + Son-tiago
1688:00🇬🇧Team Schools out for summerVeronica + Debbie + Paul + Mike
1794:00🇩🇪🇬🇧The OverthinkersSabrina + Simon