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Why? by Seven Souls in Athens, Greece

When you do Escape Room Tourism, you unfortunately don’t have the time to prepare for every single room. Accordingly, we stood completely unsuspecting at the door of Seven Souls, expecting to play a horror room right away. But what came next overwhelmed us. After being told by phone call that […]

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Nakatomi Plaza

Nakatomi Plaza by Escape Republik (a Mad Mansion Game) in Barcelona, Spain

At the end of the 80ies, one of the most legendary action movies celebrated its debut and it was the starting signal for further successful sequels: Die Hard. The attack on the hotel Nakatomi Plaza was the beginning of a wild manhunt of John McClaine, played by the glamorous Bruce […]

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Distrito 111

Distrito 111 by Unreal Room Escape Sant Martí in Barcelona, Spain

Why do you actually play escape rooms with only two people, when it makes the game much more expensive per person? The answer is clear: The smaller the group, the deeper you dive into the story and get involved in every puzzle. In this sense, the very varied game Distrito […]

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Tomb Hunter

Tomb Hunter by Finest Escape in Bamberg, Germany

Dies war unser erster Besuch bei Finest Escape in Bamberg, denn wir hatten die beiden vorherigen Szenarien, „Die Wunderlampe“ und „Prison Break“ bereits anderswo gespielt. Ich hab mir allerdings sagen lassen, dass diese beiden Räume in Bamberg noch aufpoliert wurden. So hat beispielsweise die Wunderlampe einen Raum mehr. Tomb Hunter […]

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Secret Tales from the Brothers Grimm

SECRET TALES FROM THE BROTHERS GRIMM by Next Level Escape in Kloten, Switzerland

Platz zu nehmen an Grimms Tisch und in ihre Welt der Hexen, Magier und anderer Märchenwesen einzutauchen war Verlockung genug: gestern spielten wir den neuen Raum (Eröffnung war vor ca. 2 Wochen) von Next Level Escape in Kloten. Nachdem ihr letzter Raum „Orient Express“ bei den Terpeca Awards (Platz 178) […]

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Kaleidoskop 1963

KALEIDOSKOP 1963by Time Maze in Obersiggenthal, Switzerland

Time travels could often be useful in everyday life. For example, on our last escape trip through the french and german speaking part of Switzerland, when we lost the parking ticket in Zurich and therefore arrived too late in the Öderlin area for the escape game. From the first step […]

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The Antiquary’s Testament

THE ANTIQUARY‘S TESTAMENT by TripTrap Bazar in Geneva, Switzerland

Trip Trap has taken over the Timescape location, which now goes by the name “Trip Trap Bazar”. With “Trip Trap Secret Floor” and the “Grand Trip Trap Hotel”, there are now three Trip Trap locations in Geneva. The former Timescape branch is no longer recognizable. The appearance has completely changed […]

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Lost Mansion

LOST MANSION (Le manoir abandonné) by Trapgame in Martigny, Switzerland

Some time ago a meteorite fell in a rather uninhabited region. Pretty close to the impact site is situated an abandoned mansion where Aunt Maria and her 3 children lived. The family was at home on the day of the meteorite impact – and thankfully survived. Only one daughter has […]

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Hansel & Gretel

HANSEL & GRETEL by Protocole 1408 in Orbe, Switzerland

Orbe is a small municipality in the canton of Vaud, north of Lake Geneva. Protocole 1408, whose Escape Game „Hansel und Gretel“ was recommended to us, is based here. That’s why we made a stop here on the way to our destination, Geneva. Nearby, in Cossonay, about 15 minutes away […]

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