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The Great Final

The Great Final by La Ratonera in Bilbao, Spain

The mascot of our basketball team got stolen by the other team, and we need to get it in time before the game! And hey, who doesn’t like basketball? Me. I don’t. But even though, we went on the sporty mission! This room is more a jumble of puzzles than […]

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Armageroom by Cocoroom Bilbao, Spain

When they are done well, I really like spaceship rooms. Heiner may not agree with that sentiment, but he is not the one right in this review, so that’s his problem (Hey Heiner!). I think this room is a very nice spaceship room. It manages to escape most expected cliches […]

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Midwich College

Midwich College by Silent Town in Basauri

My favourite thing about writing this specific review, is that I only write the text, and not give the star rating, in Heiner’s weird 6 star system. Because unlike most rooms, that I usually know how to rank, I’m extremely conflicted about Midwich College. On the one hand, this is […]

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Elkano by Elkano Escape Room in Getaria, Spain

During our long trip through Spain, we stopped at the small town of Getaria in Spain, probably one of the most beautiful places we’ve visited in this tour. The town overlooks the sea, which sets the perfect tone for the story of the room, that follows the story of the […]

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The Temple of Fire

THE TEMPLE OF FIRE by El templo de fuego in Sodupe, Spain

If the name “El Templo de Fuego” doesn’t get a Eurovision song stuck in your head, we are very different people. But apparently The Temple of Fire wasn’t a shrine for Eleni Foureira (a very niche joke that will make ~2 people giggle), but instead a 75 minute quest, to […]

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The Rebellion – Hybrid Line

The Rebellion by Blindhouse Games in Bilbao

This review goes back to the very first room of this trip (ignoring the 11 that came before it, that Heiner doesn’t consider as relevant since he wasn’t there). Blind House offer three options on their website – the lycanthropes line (75 minute room), the vampire line (75 minute room), […]

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Don’t take a breath

This escape game is based on the American horror movie “Don’t Breathe”, which made its cinema debut in 2016. A group of petty criminals breaks into houses together and then sells the stolen goods. The father of one of the gang members runs a security company. He alerts the group […]

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Chapel & Catacombs

Chapel & Catacombs by Lockhill in Athens, Greece

Lockhill is a company already well known for its Sanatorium game that placed really highly in TERPECA. With such reputation we clearly had high expectations for their newer game and, oh boy, they clearly delivered. Let me start from mentioning that it is a really big scale investment. Unlike their […]

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Hellevator by Escapepolis Galatsi in Athens

This may not come as a shock to anyone, given its name, but Hellevator is a small room. Very small extremely small. Essentially, in the size of a fancy elevator. But to be clear, this is not a complaint. Quite the opposite, actually. I was very intrigued about playing this […]

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Ice Tiki

Ice Tiki by Way Out in Athens

If you will ask me what I have done during lockdown, I’d mostly say “watch Netflix”, “bake some bread”, and “play games on the Switch”. If you will ask the owner of Ice Tiki the same question, he’d respond with “got bored, tried to find something to do, decided to […]

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