Escape Room

The Alchemist

The Alchemist by Sherlocked in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Back then when I started playing escape rooms regularly and people would ask which were the best ones, a game regularly mentioned was The Vault. It’s therefore not surprising that in the first Terpeca awards that game made it into the Top 10. Many years passed until Sherlocked announced a […]

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The Arena

The Arena by MindTrap Escape Room in Murrieta, CA, USA

Enter ‘The Arena’ I was very scared but equally intrigued to play this game. In the reception at this venue is a clear number of people that have ‘tapped’ out and have not played, I was worried I might become an extra digit on the tally. Fortunately I didn’t. This […]

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The Last Supper

The Last Supper by Quest Tavern Escape Room in Pomona, CA, USA

This was one supper I didn’t want to end. What an incredible experience. This was our second game from this venue and along with their first game it didn’t disappoint. The space isn’t huge but it really doesn’t need to be, given that fact it’s still actually very generous in […]

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Hope End

Hope End by The Ministry of Peculiarities in Azusa, CA, USA

Hope End What this venue does is brilliant. Truly breathtaking. The set and actors are seamless. Taking you on a magical journey from your arrival, right up until you leave. Be prepared to live the moment from the minute the door opens, to the briefing, to the intro, right through […]

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Project Minotaur

Project Minotaur by Quest Room in Los Angeles, CA, USA

In the middle of this game I remember quite literally screaming, ‘What am I doing with my life?’ Let’s put it into perspective, when you are playing an escape room that you are wonderfully immersed in, if you aren’t asking yourself, why it’s so crazy then maybe it’s not the […]

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Stash House

STASH HOUSE by Stash House in Los Angeles, CA, USA

When we enter the inconspicuous apartment in Koreatown, we don’t yet know that it belongs to a notorious drug lord in Los Angeles who is about to put us to a tough test. Via video message, he tells us that in order to test our loyalty, creativity and intuition, he […]

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Wardrobe for Sale

Wardrobe for Sale by Escaparium in Laval, Canada, QC

During our Escaparium marathon we played Wardrobe for Sale which I had heard good things about. We start the game by being shown down a rather empty hallway with just one item… a fairly mundane wardrobe. We were then invited to inspect this nice, but unremarkable, piece of furniture and […]

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Missing by Enigma-tic in Blainville, Canada, QC

This was the second room we played at Enigma-tic, the first being ‘The Master Builders Path’. Although it is not obvious from the title ‘Missing’ is one of the better homages that I’ve played to the Netflix phenomenon that is Stranger Things. The room is filled with lots of subtle […]

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Falderon Forest

FALDERON FOREST of Sauve Qui Peut in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada

Every 100 full moons it is necessary to perform a specific ritual to protect the magical well in the middle of Falderon Forest, which is the source of the forest and all its creatures. However, there is a small problem! The gnome who knows the exact location of the well […]

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Mary’s Dolls

MARY‘S DOLLS by C9 H13 NO3 Donors in Athens, Greece

It had been quite a while since my last visit to C9H13NO3 Donors (yes, that is the chemical formula for adrenaline, how cool is that?). The first thing I was happy about is that the pâtisserie around the corner was still there selling the good old Greek pastries. Back then […]

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