Dirty Money

This is a review of the Escape Room “Dirty Money” offered by Enigma City in Toulouse, France.
  • ⭐️ 9.3/10
  • 🌡 Medium
  • ⏳ 60 Minutes
  • 👥 2 – 6 Person

There is a criminal organisation in Enigma City that has stolen a huge amount of money through fraud over the years. When their accountant comes clean, it’s time to get the money back. However, it’s not quite as easy as it first seems…

Our second mission in the retro-futuristic city was also turbulent and exciting! A scavenger hunt in such a magnificent setting of shops, alleyways, bars, nightclubs and flats is simply fun and makes you want more!

We pretended to be guests and owners of a Mexican bar in order to get information from a suspect. A section of the game that required a talent for improvisation.

After that, it was time for some investigative work. We got closer and closer to the criminals and were finally able to locate their hideout and break into the building.

But apparently we didn’t go completely unnoticed. And so, in the time we have left, we have to solve a variety of tasks and puzzles in order to bring back as much loot as possible and find a safe way out of the building before the gang turns up.

There are currently a maximum of 2 teams in the huge game area of ​​Enigma City (when the third mission is completed, then up to three), but you don’t get in each other’s way at all because you go through very different storylines and visit different locations.

It would be great if these fantastic experiences were also offered in English.

Picture of Heiner Stepen

Heiner Stepen