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The Theater of Illusions

THE THEATER OF ILLUSIONS by Le Casse-Tête Delaunay in Lyon, France

The Theatre of Illusions, Le Casse-Tête Delaunay’s first experience, caught my attention in its opening year with its 112th place at the Terpeca. Having played it, I can understand why it got so much love by the enthusiasts. For one thing, it’s an interesting, well-developed story. Anatole built a small […]

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Dead Man’s Revenge

Dead Man's Revenge by DreamScape in Poznan, Poland

Dead Man’s Revenge was, along with Abandoned Hotel and Warsaw Uprising, one of the three Terpeca winners from Poland in 2013. Being a newcomer right at number 36 is quite impressive! When the captain announces that he is looking for new recruits for his legendary pirate ship, the Golden Sail, […]

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The Green Mile

The Green Mile by Escapelandia, Fun4Brain in Pozna´n, Poland

Escapepandia is the name of the association of several operators in a building in the north of Poznań. Spread over several floors you will find escape room providers such as Clueroom, Lock & Escape, Przygodownia and Fun4Brain, who offer their services via a shared website. Meanwhile, physical well-being is also […]

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