Monthly Archives: May 2022

Cursed Expedition

CURSED EXPEDITION (EXPEDICIÓN MALDITA) by Mythos Escape Room in Murcia, Spain

This room appeared out of the blue in the TERPECA last year, probably thanks to high ratings of Spanish players, as its location in the outskirts of Murcia was not particularly likely to be a magnet for international enthusiasts and this year it has managed to stay among the winners […]

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Paranoia by CodeXcape in Valencia, Spain

This room was a positive surprise of the trip. The topic of this room is over-exploited. I have lost track of the many rooms concerned with a sanatorium, hospital, asylum and similar kind of (usually mental) health facilities I have played and nevertheless this was a memorable experience. It was […]

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Perfect Shot in Buddha‘s Garden

PERFECT SHOT IN BUDDHA‘S GARDEN (Golpe perfecto en el jardín de Buda) by Factoría Escape Room in Valencia, Spain

This room can be counted among the highlights of our South Spain trip. A really good start, in which attention to the information received prior to the game is crucial and provides for some fun early on before taking a “wrong turn” in this high quality break-in room. The setting […]

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Le Prince

Le Prince of Escaping Belgium in Retie

A new room by the makers of Erzebeth, which has been one of the top rooms in Belgium for many years, can only lead to high expectations. This room managed to find a place in the Terpeca Top Rooms last year and I can only say that it was really […]

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