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Secret Tales from the Brothers Grimm

SECRET TALES FROM THE BROTHERS GRIMM by Next Level Escape in Kloten, Switzerland

Platz zu nehmen an Grimms Tisch und in ihre Welt der Hexen, Magier und anderer Märchenwesen einzutauchen war Verlockung genug: gestern spielten wir den neuen Raum (Eröffnung war vor ca. 2 Wochen) von Next Level Escape in Kloten. Nachdem ihr letzter Raum „Orient Express“ bei den Terpeca Awards (Platz 178) […]

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Horror House

HORROR HOUSE by Horror House Bulgaria in Sofia, Bulgaria

I don’t really like horror rooms, usually give them a wide berth and politely decline. Often they are just dingy rooms with a low-budget ambiance. Not so in Horror House: The catacombs under Sofia have seen and experienced many stories. When you descend to the entrance, you feel this with […]

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