Marco Torsello


Pirates by Crowbar Escape in Belgrade, Serbia

With good intentions, we looked for a traditional Serbian restaurant near Crowbar Escape before our last game of the day startet and we found it: We had pizza and risotto for dinner. Strengthened, we finally set off with great anticipation, because all the escape room providers we had visited so […]

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Alice im Wunderland

Alice im Wunderland by CineRoom in Bamberg, Germany

Wer kennt sie nicht, die zauberhaft verträumte Alice, die einem Kaninchen in seinen Bau folgt und eine magische Welt entdeckt voller Geheimnisse und wunderlichen Figuren. Eine Welt, nach der sich nicht nur Kinder, sondern auch manchmal Erwachsene sehnen um dem langweiligen Alltagstrott entfliehen zu können. Ich freue mich jedenfalls jedesmal […]

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Nakatomi Plaza

Nakatomi Plaza by Escape Republik (a Mad Mansion Game) in Barcelona, Spain

At the end of the 80ies, one of the most legendary action movies celebrated its debut and it was the starting signal for further successful sequels: Die Hard. The attack on the hotel Nakatomi Plaza was the beginning of a wild manhunt of John McClaine, played by the glamorous Bruce […]

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Distrito 111

Distrito 111 by Unreal Room Escape Sant Martí in Barcelona, Spain

Why do you actually play escape rooms with only two people, when it makes the game much more expensive per person? The answer is clear: The smaller the group, the deeper you dive into the story and get involved in every puzzle. In this sense, the very varied game Distrito […]

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Kaleidoskop 1963

KALEIDOSKOP 1963by Time Maze in Obersiggenthal, Switzerland

Time travels could often be useful in everyday life. For example, on our last escape trip through the french and german speaking part of Switzerland, when we lost the parking ticket in Zurich and therefore arrived too late in the Öderlin area for the escape game. From the first step […]

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Lost Mansion

LOST MANSION (Le manoir abandonné) by Trapgame in Martigny, Switzerland

Some time ago a meteorite fell in a rather uninhabited region. Pretty close to the impact site is situated an abandoned mansion where Aunt Maria and her 3 children lived. The family was at home on the day of the meteorite impact – and thankfully survived. Only one daughter has […]

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Horror House

HORROR HOUSE by Horror House Bulgaria in Sofia, Bulgaria

I don’t really like horror rooms, usually give them a wide berth and politely decline. Often they are just dingy rooms with a low-budget ambiance. Not so in Horror House: The catacombs under Sofia have seen and experienced many stories. When you descend to the entrance, you feel this with […]

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The Battle for Britain

The Battle for Britain by Escape Plan Ltd in London, UK

Escape Plan draws on the history of Great Britain in all its rooms. This game throws the team back to 1940 when Britain was struggling with bombing. We are the only surviving soldiers from a terrible bombing raid and must gather our strength to strike back. In this room, in […]

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Roll out the Barrel

ROLL OUT THE BARREL by Escape Plan Ltd in London, UK

The war in the year of 1945 was very hard, especially for the squadrons. Not wondering about that high-ranking officers sometimes poured alcohol for their loyal pilots. A barell full of the finest beer was well hidden at the base and the thirsty pilots took the opportunity to find it […]

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Personality (Osobowość) by Continuum in Poznan, Poland

The criminal investigation team of Poznan is hunting unsuccsesfully a murder for years but a recent hint is auspicious: The murder could be the famous psychologist Dr. Hoffman. The agents visit him incognito as patients in his praxis where they a have to measure up some tests and find out […]

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