Escape Rooms played remotely via an avatar in a physical room

The Studies of Dr Becker

The Studies of Dr Becker by Emergency Exit in Ashton-under-Lyne, UK

The year 2022 started with the eagerly awaited news, that the award winning company „Emergency Exit Escape Games“ came up with a new chapter: „The Studies of Dr Becker“ is their third online available Escape Game after „Exorcist“ and „The Beast“. And with them both still being No. 1 and […]

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Sleepy Man

Sleepy Man by Mystery Mansion in Regina, Canada, SK

Having really enjoyed playing Night Terrors and absolutely loving playing D’Viles Curio Shoppe I was intrigued to see how Mystery Mansion Regina would conclude the story and what new twists to the remote avatar genre they would bring to the story. The first twist in the story was that for […]

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IMMATERIUM by Escapologig Nottingham

Just before the second lockdown happened last November, one of the last physical games I got to play was the latest at Escapologic, Immaterium (located in the space that held Crypt-IC).  Officially licensed by Games Workshop (also based in Nottingham) and set in the popular Warhammer 40,000 universe.  It has […]

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Pathogen by Doomsday Games

Even in the remote world, most Avatar led rooms are still 60 minutes so playing a 90 minute one was already an attraction. The story/theme might not be overly original (deadly plague and we have to find the antidote) but the theming of the rooms was on point throughout each […]

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Professor Prank!

Professor Prank! by Solve Entertainment

Professor Prank is about a guy who loves to play pranks on other people. However, this has been relatively unsuccessful. His jokes don’t go over very well, which explains his meagre fan following. To change that, he is now broadcasting his Pranks as a live stream event, hoping to increase […]

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Jurassic Tours

Jurassic Tours by NW Escpae Experience

The somewhat crazy Doc Braun claims to have invented a machine with which we can travel through time. He invites us to take a guided tour through the Jurassic Period to see harmless dinosaurs in the wild. Sure! What can go wrong? After “Operation DB: Cooper”, “The Kill House” (now […]

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The Forbidden Castle

The Forbidden Castle be Can you escape? Malta

We receive a video call from our friend who is in Malta and has set his mind on finding the four gems that were stolen from the national museum there at the end of the 19th century. Now he finds himself in front of the abandoned castle of the Degabriele […]

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