Jackie Catterall

Lost and Found

Lost and Found by Kamer 237 in Volkel, Netherlands

Finding a lost suitcase, well that sounds simple, it should be easy… right? But as soon as we entered, we knew that finding this suitcase would be anything but simple….The team had solved the opening “warm-up” puzzles while I was still marveling at the space we had just entered. It […]

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The Concierge

The Concierge by Kamer 237 in Volkel, Nethetlands

This room is designed for teams of 2, and as with all Kramer 237 experiences it is beautifully hotel themed and driven by a detailed narrative. You are there for a job, as new concierges, and we needed to prove that we are up to the task. We were told […]

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M‘AMA by Suspense Escape rooms in Athens, Greece

This was the last game of our tour of Athens and we saved a great game for our finale. We climbed the stairs to the venue to find a rather spooky door which led us into a rather normal looking room, but the normality didn’t last for long…. We entered […]

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Death Bride – Dark Truth

Dead Bride - Dark Truth by 4 KEYS in Athens, Greece

As with most of the horror rooms we played in Athens this also started with no host and us all entering a dark room with a single light source and some basic instructions. We soon found the first puzzle and we entered the apartment and began our search… This is […]

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Stigmata by Dark Maze in Athens, Greece

We arrived at a rustic ticket office and were asked where we wanted to go. As this was the last game of the day none of us could remember what the website said. Luckily the signage gave us limited options and I picked Pluckley, as it is reputed to be […]

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Sleepy Man

Sleepy Man by Mystery Mansion in Regina, Canada, SK

Having really enjoyed playing Night Terrors and absolutely loving playing D’Viles Curio Shoppe I was intrigued to see how Mystery Mansion Regina would conclude the story and what new twists to the remote avatar genre they would bring to the story. The first twist in the story was that for […]

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The Agency 51

THE AGENCY 51 by Trapgame (Charrat)

Its been almost a full year since we started our remote/avatar room adventures and in all that time we’ve never played a remote room in Switzerland. So we were excited to hear that Trapgame had produced a brand new adventure just for remote play called Agency 51, and what made […]

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CONTRAPTION by Escapologic (Nottingham)

Escapologic in Nottingham, UK is one of those must-play venues and has been nominated in the TERPECA’s every year, so when I heard that they were opening a remote avatar room, I was rather curious to see which one it would be. I guessed it would be one of two, […]

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