The Alchemist

The Alchemist by Sherlocked in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Back then when I started playing escape rooms regularly and people would ask which were the best ones, a game regularly mentioned was The Vault. It’s therefore not surprising that in the first Terpeca awards that game made it into the Top 10. Many years passed until Sherlocked announced a […]

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The Non Believers

The Non Believers by Your Escape in Leiden, Netherlands

When an outstanding room opens in the Netherlands usually two things can be immediately observed. A quick rise into top rooms and a difficulty to book it during weekends for several weeks if not more. This was the case with the Non Believers, which was additionally accompanied by very […]

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Inmortum II

Inmortum 2 by Hostal 83 in Gironella, Spain

We’re already used to some craziness from Mii, the main character of the Hostal 83 experiences, but what awaited us this time was absolutely bizarre and crazy! We bought tickets for his new, popular show and drove to Gironella (75 minutes by car north of Barcelona) ahead of schedule. Unfortunately […]

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La Taberna

La Taberna by The City Escape Room in Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain

A friend wrote to me saying there was a new room near Barcelona that they had test played and he thinks booking numbers are very likely to go through the roof in the near future. That’s why we should come as soon as possible to play it. Another experienced enthusiast […]

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Hope End

Hope End by The Ministry of Peculiarities in Azusa, CA, USA

Hope End What this venue does is brilliant. Truly breathtaking. The set and actors are seamless. Taking you on a magical journey from your arrival, right up until you leave. Be prepared to live the moment from the minute the door opens, to the briefing, to the intro, right through […]

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Project Minotaur

Project Minotaur by Quest Room in Los Angeles, CA, USA

In the middle of this game I remember quite literally screaming, ‘What am I doing with my life?’ Let’s put it into perspective, when you are playing an escape room that you are wonderfully immersed in, if you aren’t asking yourself, why it’s so crazy then maybe it’s not the […]

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Wardrobe for Sale

Wardrobe for Sale by Escaparium in Laval, Canada, QC

During our Escaparium marathon we played Wardrobe for Sale which I had heard good things about. We start the game by being shown down a rather empty hallway with just one item… a fairly mundane wardrobe. We were then invited to inspect this nice, but unremarkable, piece of furniture and […]

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Amen by Neverland in Athens, Greece

Our trip to Athens concluded with a visit to Neverland to play Amen, we’d been told at the room we played just before this one that we were in for a few surprises, so we had high expectations. Again we arrived at the venue and waited on the street, and […]

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