Santiago Onel

The Funhouse

The Funhouse by Deep Inside in Paris, France

I don’t want to repeat myself mentioning some of the strong points of this experience, which are common to the other game of the company and can be found in its respective review. This experience unlike the first lies more on the horror aspect and therefore is difficult to compare […]

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The Magician of Paris

The Magician of Paris by Deep Inside in Paris, France

It’s great that in Paris many good quality games are available for those not familiar with the language of Molière and Victor Hugo. One of the companies that travelling enthusiasts cannot miss is Deep Inside. At the moment the company counts with two games, which can be played back to […]

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The Movies

The Movies by The Push Mystery Rooms in Brugge, Belgium

This review could be titled “Revisiting The Movies” or “How to turn a good room into a top room”.  To explain this, I must go back in time, almost exactly two years ago, when I was planning our first Belgium tour. Back then we were invited by an unknown owner […]

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Illusion by Epic Escape in Waalwijk, Belgium

I wanted to play this game since quite some time based on the many positive reviews it had received, but it was not available in English back then, so we had to patiently wait for the necessary translations to be made. Magic is a topic that has been used a […]

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Paranoia by CodeXcape in Valencia, Spain

This room was a positive surprise of the trip. The topic of this room is over-exploited. I have lost track of the many rooms concerned with a sanatorium, hospital, asylum and similar kind of (usually mental) health facilities I have played and nevertheless this was a memorable experience. It was […]

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Le Prince

Le Prince of Escaping Belgium in Retie

A new room by the makers of Erzebeth, which has been one of the top rooms in Belgium for many years, can only lead to high expectations. This room managed to find a place in the Terpeca Top Rooms last year and I can only say that it was really […]

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The Saint

La Santa by SHOCK in Rivas-Vaciamadrid

I had been eagerly awaiting this game since it was announced long time ago. I even hoped to play it in our last trip to Madrid in January 2020, but it was not open back then. Expectations were high and the comments heard about it were promising. Sometimes horror rooms […]

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The House (La Casa)

La Casa (The House) by Insomnia Corporation in Berga, Spain

Last year this room made it to the Top 10 of the Terpeca and having had a fantastic experience in El cóctel del doctor (The doctor’s cocktail), the first room from this company and the first (or almost) horror room in Spain, I had high expectations. Interestingly, the company (Insomnia […]

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Malum by Krematorium Escape Rooms in Barcelona

Abandoned by a vegan desertor looking for food, Heiner, Marco and I ventured in this industrial warehouse looking building to face evil, which comes in different shapes and sizes. Malum is a very solid horror room, that had a nicely worked out setting, that I was not expecting beforehand. The […]

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The Courtroom

The Courtroom by The Great Escape in Zwolle, The Netherlands

Finally an interesting thematical twist of a classic! This time you won’t escape a prison, but a courtroom. As with The Mission, they chose also for this game an immersive adventure with role playing elements and actor interaction. The acting was very convincing and the game has a superb start, […]

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