Santiago Onel

La Novia

La Novia by Black Lake Escape Room in Madrid, Spain

This room has been nominated in the Escape Room Awards 2022 from Spain in two categories, best horror room and best acting and was third in the 2022 Horror Awards. Without being able to compare it with the other contestants, I am not surprised that this is the case. After […]

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El Laberinto

EL LABERINTO (The Laberinth) by Descifra Escape Room in Madrid, Spain

Sometimes when booking I read the description of the room and sometimes I don’t. Clearly in this room I didn’t, because I had no clue what to expect. My first association with a labyrinth is the Greek myth connected to the Minotaur and I expected something along those lines. A […]

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Horror Club

Horror Club by Madrid Terror in Madrid, Spain

Everyone knows Heiner loves horror and since this game opened Heiner has been wanting to go to Madrid again. However, several of the games that opened in Madrid and several of the games that will open in Madrid are games that were bought from Barcelona and whether changed or unchanged […]

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Siltobark: La Magia De Oriente

SILTOBARK: LA MAGIA DE ORIENTE by Influx Escape in Madrid, Spain

In a previous trip our last game in Madrid was in Influx and this time we started there to play their other game. One nice thing about the games here is that they are language independent. Officially the games are Spanish only due to some audio elements (a few during […]

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Demise of the Gricers

Demise of the Gricers by Entered in As, Belgium

The review of this game could be very short and effortless from my side. I could just quote what is stated in the website, where the game is described as: “an unforgettable adventure with a game unlike anything else, multiple actors, technical systems, an oppressive, industrial yet beautiful audiovisual atmosphere […]

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The Funhouse

The Funhouse by Deep Inside in Paris, France

I don’t want to repeat myself mentioning some of the strong points of this experience, which are common to the other game of the company and can be found in its respective review. This experience unlike the first lies more on the horror aspect and therefore is difficult to compare […]

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The Magician of Paris

The Magician of Paris by Deep Inside in Paris, France

It’s great that in Paris many good quality games are available for those not familiar with the language of Molière and Victor Hugo. One of the companies that travelling enthusiasts cannot miss is Deep Inside. At the moment the company counts with two games, which can be played back to […]

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The Movies

The Movies by The Push Mystery Rooms in Brugge, Belgium

This review could be titled “Revisiting The Movies” or “How to turn a good room into a top room”.  To explain this, I must go back in time, almost exactly two years ago, when I was planning our first Belgium tour. Back then we were invited by an unknown owner […]

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