When a friend invited me to a strange event in early 2014, I honestly had no idea what to expect. He had booked a so-called Escape Room (never heard of it before) as a birthday present for his wife and had chosen us as additional players.

HintQuest, which was the name of the provider in Munich, was the first Escape Room in Germany.

Today I have to say “Thanks Jensi!”. Because of you I am now ERV-positive. The Escape Room virus has caught me completely and, even if my wallet sees it differently, I am really glad about it.

And I do my best to spread the plague further, because I have had them all! – Almost 400 (mostly) nice fellow players and in the meantime also some dear friends, whom I met not least also via the Meetup groups Escape Roomers (Munich), Escape Roomers (Hamburg) and Escape Roomers (Berlin), which I created.

The small Facebook group “Escape Roomers (DE)” has become the largest Escape Room community in Germany and it’s time to set up a website for it. Even though I’m starting from scratch again (I won’t bother to add all 2300+ rooms played so far – I’ll refer you to the FB group), I’m sure that many hopefully helpful reviews will accumulate here relatively quickly.

“The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and Me”, that’s the name of our core team, is drawing ever larger circles far beyond the city limits of Munich throughout Germany on its almost obligatory Sunday Escape excursions.
In addition to the Facebook group, there is also the Facebook page EscapeRoomers De.
I have been the German TERPECA Ambassador since 2019 and a member of the TERPECA Board since 2020. From 2020 I  was also a member of the jury for the Escape Room Awards (category best international room).
In 2023 I started to rent out mobile escape games and puzzle boxes via my website The Puzzle Box.

Live Escape Games

Live escape games remain our main focus. Under this menu item you will find Reviews, Ranked Playlists of cities and countries in which I have played a lot, as well as my Top Live Escape Games of the Year (2020202120222023). Reviews of rooms that I played before 2019 can partly be found in our Facebook group Escape Roomers (DE)

Remote Escape Games

I’ve started with Remote Escape Games in April 2020. In the meantime I’ve played more than 600 worldwide and that’s worth to create an own menue item for it. Here you can find many Reviews, a list of our Favorites Games and the Complete Remote Playlist. We are also awarding a Game Of The Month and the Top Remote Games of the Year (2020 and 2021).

Ranked Playlists

Ranked Playlists are a valuable source, if you are planning an Escape Travel to a certain City or Country in Europe or North America. I’ve visited several cities and countries in Europe and compiled Ranked Playlists of the games I played.

The resulting lists are containing also the individual rankings of my teammates, (local) enthusiasts, other bloggers …
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The Escape Game Olympics or EGOlympics is our international online escape game tournament, where players from all over the world can try to win a symbolic medal for their team / country. Started as a local tournament, it has grown up to a considerable event where meanwhile 40+ different countries from all continents of the world have already taken part. Here you can find all previous and future Competitions, the Participants, the Medal Table and the Leaderboard.