Monthly Archives: August 2022

Aztec Catacomb

Aztec Temple by Neverland in Budapest, Hungary

A curse spreads upon the land; could the gods be angry? The elders have sent us to brave the halls of the ancient Aztec temple and find the healing crystal. But the ground is rumbling! It feels like we’re short on time. Aztec Catacomb is an immersive game set within […]

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Secret Subway

Secret Subway by E-Exit in Budapest, Hungary

“Deep beneath the streets of Budapest lie the secrets of a once a brilliant inventor. Their name has been forgotten, but perhaps we can descend into their realm and uncover its mysteries.” Going down a short stairwell, we emerge into the wonderful aesthetics of Secret Subway. Lots of little gadgets […]

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Tokyo Lab

Tokyo Lab by Escape Rush in Ixelles, Belgium

Room 2 of the day and on the way back from The Movies we joined the guys from escaperoomers de.Due to traffic jam we arrived 20min late on location, but luckily the gamehost waited for us, very nice! Normally I start with the room, but this time I started with […]

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The Movies

The Movies by The Push Mystery Rooms in Brugge, Belgium

This review could be titled “Revisiting The Movies” or “How to turn a good room into a top room”.  To explain this, I must go back in time, almost exactly two years ago, when I was planning our first Belgium tour. Back then we were invited by an unknown owner […]

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Chernobyl by TheStart in Ranst, Belgium

On a hot sunday morning I was meeting 3 for me unknown men in Belgium to get locked up and try to escape! It sounds like the start of a horror novel, but it was far from that. At least, it were not my team mates that were scary. We […]

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The Toy Factory

The Toy Factory by Escape Room Antwerp in Zoersel, Belgium

An English translation of the Toy Factory is in progress. However, the owner, Wout, did not dare to give us a specific date. So be it! We didn’t want to wait any longer and luckily we found the second necessary Dutch-speaking player in Joyce. The toy factory, a family business […]

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Illusion by Epic Escape in Waalwijk, Belgium

I wanted to play this game since quite some time based on the many positive reviews it had received, but it was not available in English back then, so we had to patiently wait for the necessary translations to be made. Magic is a topic that has been used a […]

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