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RASTAMOBIL by Escape Bus / Escapeo in Wrocław, Poland

Rastamobil is a third creation of guys behind “Porwany Samolot” / “Hijacked Airplane” that is a fun game about airplane, which actually takes place in a … real bus, and “Czarny Lotos” / “Black Lotus”, which was surely one of the best avatar games I’ve played, which was sadly available […]

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Christmas Heist

Christmas Heist by Experience Dresden in Dresden, Germany

Der Name „Experience“, so macht es den Anschein, wurde hier ganz bewusst gewählt, den es handelt sich bei den beiden neunzigminütigen Szenarien „Huntington“ und „Christmas Heist“ des Premium-Anbieters aus Dresden, ganz und gar nicht um Escape Games im klassischen Sinne. Wenn man so möchte, (und wir mochten), sind es sogar […]

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The Forbidden Castle

The Forbidden Castle by Can you Escape? in Fgura, Malta

The wretched Degabrieles have stolen a precious treasure from the Malta National Museum. Naturally, we were called us to get it back. All we need to do is enter this old castle and grab them. Climb stairs and ladders, and open trap doors in The Forbidden Castle. Solid construction with […]

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M‘AMA by Suspense Escape rooms in Athens, Greece

This was the last game of our tour of Athens and we saved a great game for our finale. We climbed the stairs to the venue to find a rather spooky door which led us into a rather normal looking room, but the normality didn’t last for long…. We entered […]

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Death Bride – Dark Truth

Dead Bride - Dark Truth by 4 KEYS in Athens, Greece

As with most of the horror rooms we played in Athens this also started with no host and us all entering a dark room with a single light source and some basic instructions. We soon found the first puzzle and we entered the apartment and began our search… This is […]

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