Perun’s Beasts

This is a review of the Escape Room “Perun’s Beasts” offered by Trap Jungle in Wrocław, Poland.
  • ⭐️ 9/10
  • 🌡 Difficult
  • ⏳ 100 Minutes
  • 👥 2 – 4 Person

Playing in a great room is a wonderful feeling. But playing a great game that you knew nothing about – even better. Here I had this rare opportunity where I played this room about Slavic mythology shortly after its opening and there were no online opinions about it and I haven’t heard any enthusiastic recommendations about it at the time of playing it either. The other two rooms at this venue are quite solid games worthy of a recommendation, but with Perun’s Beasts owners made not one, but at least a few steps ahead.

The first thing that you see after entering the room is a beautiful scenography. Photos that you can find online reflect its looks well, but there are still definitely some surprises awaiting players.

This game contains a lot of very interesting puzzles. Many of them are original or present a fresh look on an otherwise classic idea. I think that the fact that the least experienced person in our team solved the most of them is a good confirmation of this statement. Additionally, their amount is quite big, so despite this game lasting whole 100 minutes, there is no time to slack off and sometimes you may face a dilemma whether to admire the scenography or focus on the riddles (for our playthrough we needed a few extra minutes and a little guidance). All riddles are coherent with the theme.

Maybe a slight nitpick could be that this room does not tell a more developed storyline, but on the other hand, its clear advantage is that the theme is rather unique (and you do not need to be Witcher fan to have a great time).

To sum up, this game is definitely of top quality in my opinion. We have wonderful scenography, creative puzzles, interesting usage of space and a few surprises that will ensure a feeling of adventure and a great time. In my opinion that’s one of the best games in Poland and the fact it took 2nd place on the latest version of Heiner’s Polish ranklist confidently backs that up.

Unfortunately, this game is not available in English yet, but owners promised that this will change at some point. Let’s keep fingers crossed!

Picture of Wojtek Nadara

Wojtek Nadara

Escape room enthusiast from Poland, member of team Ewarsaw Eagles that took 3rd place in PolandEscape 2019 (currently called ER Champ), 4th in ERChamp 2021 and 13th in 2020. Polish TERPECA Ambassador. PhD student in theoretical computer science. Mathematics and algorithmics nerd. Gold medalist of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.