Real life escape rooms played in person.

Das Kuriosum – Artefakt der Finsternis

Das Kuriosum - Artefakt der Finstrenis von Escape Room Witten

Letzten Monat waren wir noch einmal in NRW unterwegs, haben insgesamt 17 Räume gespielt, und hatten uns dabei das Kuriosum in Witten als vermeintliches Highlight für den Schluss aufgehoben. Als ich die ersten Bilder vom Artefakt der Finsternis gesehen habe, ist mir spontan „The Antiquary’s Testament“ von Trip Trap Basar […]

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Wednesday’s Revenge

Wednesday's Revenge by Geheimdepot in Dortsen, Germany

Since playing games with Heiner, I’ve stopped looking into the details of what I’m playing. I just turn up and enjoy it. I was particularly looking forward to this game after hearing about some of the other games this venue has produced but I didn’t know what to expect!! Have […]

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Dirty Money

Dirty Money (Argent Sale) by Enigma City in Toulouse, France

There is a criminal organisation in Enigma City that has stolen a huge amount of money through fraud over the years. When their accountant comes clean, it’s time to get the money back. However, it’s not quite as easy as it first seems… Our second mission in the retro-futuristic city […]

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Disappearances (Disparitions) by Enigma City in Toulouse, France

Enigma City is described on the website as a retro-futuristic city with an Asian atmosphere. Two different missions, Disappearances and Dirty Money, can currently be booked in one of the largest indoor playrooms in Europe. A third adventure is already being planned. The teams can consist of up to 6 […]

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The Godfather’s Betrayal

THE GODFATHER’S BETRAYAL (LA TRAHISON DU PARRAIN) - La Traction Escape Game Portet-sur-Garonne in Toulouse, France

In Portet-sur-Garonne, a municipality south of Toulouse, lies the stylish villa of the notorious godfather. A mole helps us in our endeavour to steal the godfather’s gold. But first we have to outwit the doorman to get into the building. From then on, events come thick and fast. A dangerous […]

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The Theater of Illusions

THE THEATER OF ILLUSIONS by Le Casse-Tête Delaunay in Lyon, France

The Theatre of Illusions, Le Casse-Tête Delaunay’s first experience, caught my attention in its opening year with its 112th place at the Terpeca. Having played it, I can understand why it got so much love by the enthusiasts. For one thing, it’s an interesting, well-developed story. Anatole built a small […]

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Dead Man’s Revenge

Dead Man's Revenge by DreamScape in Poznan, Poland

Dead Man’s Revenge was, along with Abandoned Hotel and Warsaw Uprising, one of the three Terpeca winners from Poland in 2013. Being a newcomer right at number 36 is quite impressive! When the captain announces that he is looking for new recruits for his legendary pirate ship, the Golden Sail, […]

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The Green Mile

The Green Mile by Escapelandia, Fun4Brain in Pozna´n, Poland

Escapepandia is the name of the association of several operators in a building in the north of Poznań. Spread over several floors you will find escape room providers such as Clueroom, Lock & Escape, Przygodownia and Fun4Brain, who offer their services via a shared website. Meanwhile, physical well-being is also […]

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Pirates by Crowbar Escape in Belgrade, Serbia

With good intentions, we looked for a traditional Serbian restaurant near Crowbar Escape before our last game of the day startet and we found it: We had pizza and risotto for dinner. Strengthened, we finally set off with great anticipation, because all the escape room providers we had visited so […]

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