Der Goldene Phoenix

The golden Phoenix by Miraculum in Berlin, Germany

In Berlin hat sich in den letzten Jahren nicht besonders viel getan in Sachen Escape Games. News hinsichtlich Eröffnung neuer, interessanter Räume waren äußerst spärlich. Resultierend daraus, ist unser letzter Besuch in der Hauptstadt auch schon mehr als 40 Monate her. Mitte August hat dann mit Miraculum endlich wieder ein […]

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Christmas Heist

Christmas Heist by Experience Dresden in Dresden, Germany

Der Name „Experience“, so macht es den Anschein, wurde hier ganz bewusst gewählt, den es handelt sich bei den beiden neunzigminütigen Szenarien „Huntington“ und „Christmas Heist“ des Premium-Anbieters aus Dresden, ganz und gar nicht um Escape Games im klassischen Sinne. Wenn man so möchte, (und wir mochten), sind es sogar […]

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The Forbidden Castle

The Forbidden Castle by Can you Escape? in Fgura, Malta

The wretched Degabrieles have stolen a precious treasure from the Malta National Museum. Naturally, we were called us to get it back. All we need to do is enter this old castle and grab them. Climb stairs and ladders, and open trap doors in The Forbidden Castle. Solid construction with […]

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Death Bride – Dark Truth

Dead Bride - Dark Truth by 4 KEYS in Athens, Greece

As with most of the horror rooms we played in Athens this also started with no host and us all entering a dark room with a single light source and some basic instructions. We soon found the first puzzle and we entered the apartment and began our search… This is […]

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Stigmata by Dark Maze in Athens, Greece

We arrived at a rustic ticket office and were asked where we wanted to go. As this was the last game of the day none of us could remember what the website said. Luckily the signage gave us limited options and I picked Pluckley, as it is reputed to be […]

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The Funhouse

The Funhouse by Deep Inside in Paris, France

I don’t want to repeat myself mentioning some of the strong points of this experience, which are common to the other game of the company and can be found in its respective review. This experience unlike the first lies more on the horror aspect and therefore is difficult to compare […]

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The Magician of Paris

The Magician of Paris by Deep Inside in Paris, France

It’s great that in Paris many good quality games are available for those not familiar with the language of Molière and Victor Hugo. One of the companies that travelling enthusiasts cannot miss is Deep Inside. At the moment the company counts with two games, which can be played back to […]

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Aztec Catacomb

Aztec Temple by Neverland in Budapest, Hungary

A curse spreads upon the land; could the gods be angry? The elders have sent us to brave the halls of the ancient Aztec temple and find the healing crystal. But the ground is rumbling! It feels like we’re short on time. Aztec Catacomb is an immersive game set within […]

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Secret Subway

Secret Subway by E-Exit in Budapest, Hungary

“Deep beneath the streets of Budapest lie the secrets of a once a brilliant inventor. Their name has been forgotten, but perhaps we can descend into their realm and uncover its mysteries.” Going down a short stairwell, we emerge into the wonderful aesthetics of Secret Subway. Lots of little gadgets […]

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Tokyo Lab

Tokyo Lab by Escape Rush in Ixelles, Belgium

Room 2 of the day and on the way back from The Movies we joined the guys from escaperoomers de.Due to traffic jam we arrived 20min late on location, but luckily the gamehost waited for us, very nice! Normally I start with the room, but this time I started with […]

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