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The Island

This was our last game of the Spanish trip, and I am really happy that I chose this one to finish the trip. The game starts with a very long intro, which by then we knew it was one of the characteristics of many of the games in the region. […]

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SAHARA by Escapeleku in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Sahara was in my opinion one of the secret jewels of this trip. To start with the theme is unique. I seriously doubt there is anything with this topic anywhere in the world. On top of that, the room is completely made of original material brought from Merzouga (Marocco), so […]

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The Vasiliev Case

After playing Cast Away (review will follow), we also played this game at this company. The game is a classic detective/spy game and in this case that says pretty much all. In plain language, not much of a set, other than the typical indoor apartment/office that characterize these kinds of […]

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The Innkeeper’s Son

Mad Mansion is considered a quality label in northern Spain. They have several locations in the Basque Country, Navarra and Aragon. Immersive escape games on various themes and genres based on video games or movies like Metal Gear Solid, Rainbow Six, Dino Crysis, Castlevania, Monkey Island, The Day of the […]

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The Hive

The Hive by Escapa de La Colmena

In order to maximize our escaping time during the trip, we booked this room “after hours” right after Sleepy Hollow, which is located (literally) next door. This room was made by the same company (3d games) which also created the room just mentioned and which has been very busy this […]

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Dino Rising Red

Dino Rising is an escape game from the game forge of the quality label Mad Mansion. It is based on the computer game Dino Crisis (Action-Adventure / Survival Horror), which was released in Germany in 1999 and whose creator Shinji Mikami is also the spiritual father of the Resident-Evil series. […]

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The Chaak Temple

While I write this review, I am thinking of how lucky we were, that we got to play this game, as it closed its doors not a long time after that. I do not know if or when or where it will reopen, but if it does, I am sure […]

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The Ultimate Toy Project

Something happened in Santander! We have been called here to investigate, with the utmost discretion, the disappearance of the renowned researchers Dr. Méndez de Almodí and Professor Rude Goldberg, who were working on a strictly confidential project in the facilities of Ludi Quest. It seems that something has gone wrong… […]

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The Awakening of Ms Blood

Due to an earlier game, we were having some delay and luckily the friendly owner allowed us to play the game with a slight delay in the start. Being experienced he spared us the typical standard introduction and only explained us something very particular about this game, namely that there […]

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Magic School

Magic School was the second room we played in this venue (The other one, Frankenstein’s girlfriend, was reviewed by Heiner quite a while ago). The transition from the classical reception to the room introduction is done in the same manner, which already guarantees some laughter even before you start the […]

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