Monthly Archives: July 2022

Way to glory

Way To Glory by Show Time in Rishon LeZion, Israel

“Way To Glory” (or “Road to Fame”, both translate the same way) is a comedy fun room. Boris, the owner, runs a music school (where people learn piano and guitar etc.) that has some recording studios and rehearsal spaces. He built the room inside the real music school, and the […]

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Game Over

Game Over by Escape Mission in Ness Ziona, Israel

“Game Over” is another very popular family room. The owner’s third room after “Black List” (that closed down) and a “Lion King” themed room called “Hakuna Matata” that is still there. Board games are very popular in Israeli homes, and a board games themed room was easily popular. The room […]

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The Kami Temple

The Kami Temple by Escape Center in Rishon LeZion, Israel

Escape Center is considered a top company in Israel. The owners build the rooms themselves, and are known as industry perfectionists. They put a lot of value on finishing their rooms to the smallest detail.  “Sushi Ninja”, a culinary room themed as a Japanese restaurant where you make Sushi, was […]

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The Big Bin

The Big Bin by Art Quest in Tel Aviv, Israel

Some people said that this game will probably not work for us. Others said that this is an experimental game and people that created it had to be on drugs. That sounded very intriguing to me and reminiscent of my favourite game in Poland – American School Story (sadly not […]

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Vikings by Escape Sign in Petah Tikva, Israel

Warning: soft, non-room-ruining spoilers ahead! Right from the get-go The Viking got into it. After climbing a couple of stairs in the usual concrete, multifloored building, we opened the door to the company and was greeted by a true Viking. He had it all: rough voice, dirty clothes, unkempt hair, […]

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Cube by The Maze in Petah Tikva, Israel

“The Maze” has four rooms. „Cube” which was their 1st, „The Sting“ the 2nd, „Action!“ the 3rd, and „Heist Battles“ the 4th has just opened, which is a versus game with a minimum of 4 players (2 vs 2) and a maximum of 16 (for enthusiasts 3 vs 3 is […]

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Hollywood 117

Hollywood 117 by Hype Esc. in Tel Aviv, ISrael

Hollywood 117 was the third room that we played in Hype Esc after The Six and Harry Potter and Trinity of Destiny. The Six was a fun one, but maybe not that impressive and it was geared toward fans of Friends, which I didn’t really watch. Harry Potter is actually […]

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The Six

The Six by Hype Esc. in Tel Aviv, Israel

This is Hype Esc’s second room. The first one was “Oz”, that was sold to another company and moved away to another city, leaving room to build Hollywood 117 in its place. The Six is not a typical escape room, it has a game show style format, where you cannot […]

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Megaburger by Panica in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Panica is a culinary room empire in Tel Aviv with currently seven stationary and eight mobile rooms. Whether pizza, burgers, sushi, pasta, falafel, ice cream or cocktails, there should be something for everyone. Mega Burger is the newest room from Panica, and the newest of all the rooms we played […]

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