Hollywood 117

This is a review of the Escape Room “Hollywood 117” offered by Hype Esc. in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • ⭐️ 9.3/10
  • 🌡 Medium
  • ⏳ 90 Minutes
  • 👥 4 – 10 Person

Hollywood 117 was the third room that we played in Hype Esc after The Six and Harry Potter and Trinity of Destiny. The Six was a fun one, but maybe not that impressive and it was geared toward fans of Friends, which I didn’t really watch. Harry Potter is actually my least favourite theme, but HP and Trinity of Destiny was a very good and impressive room, easily the best HP one I’ve played. As for Hollywood, it seemed like a third room in a row whose genre is not particularly enticing to me as actually I am not really into watching movies, so I did not expect this room to become one of my favourites. However, even I recognized basically all of the mentioned movies and basic references. Probably there were many subtle ones that I didn’t get (one of the designers said there are over a hundred movie references here!), but since I recognized so many I did not feel like I am left out of a substantial part of the experience like in majority of rooms that are based on some specific series or movie (like in The Six for example).

One of the properties of games I value is a variety and Hollywood 117 clearly delivers here as it takes you on a journey through many differing sets, it gives you a feeling of a constant action and cannot make you bored.

Another asset of this room were particularly good riddles. There were a good number of them and they clearly gave you a feeling of satisfaction. They were all well incorporated into the theme too.

Add to that a good bit of humor and a few great reveals and you get a complete experience! My personal favourite in Israel and surely one of my all time favourites!

This room is not 100% translated to English yet, but it is in a playable state. All videos have subtitles, all essential text is translated, it was only some non-essential audios that were not translated, but apparently that is soon to be translated as well (and we were kindly assisted by Gai who translated them live for us).

Wojtek Nadara

Wojtek Nadara

Escape room enthusiast from Poland, member of team Ewarsaw Eagles that took 3rd place in PolandEscape 2019 (currently called ER Champ), 4th in ERChamp 2021 and 13th in 2020. Polish TERPECA Ambassador. PhD student in theoretical computer science. Mathematics and algorithmics nerd. Gold medalist of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.