Ranked Playlist Annecy

[Last Update: April 2024] We played 11 Escape Games from 4 different providers in Annecy. As always, we asked other enthusiasts and bloggers about their opinions about our playlist. 9 enthusiasts from 4 different countries who had played an average of 9,3 rooms on our list cast their ballot.

Ranked Playlist of Escape Games in Annecy
Ranked Playlist Annecy
1L'Atelier des ÉnigmesCELESTIA, THE FORGOTTEN CITY0no60122311211
2L'Atelier des ÉnigmesMRS. MING'S OLD SHOP0no60211122123
3La Grande Évasion AnnecyTUNING OPERATION0no90345x3xxxx
4La Grande Évasion AnnecyTHE STRANGE WORLD OF GLOBULE0no90554x54x3x
5Escape ChôULTIMATE SACRIFICE0no60633x47x7x
6L'Atelier des ÉnigmesCHARL-E'S MISSION0no60487873345
7Mystères du LacTHE ALCHIMIST1yes90968786562
8L'Atelier des ÉnigmesTHE FISHERMAN'S TREASURE0no60876299494
9Mystères du LacTHE FORGOTTEN TREASURE0no6011994105x5x
10Mystères du LacTHE INVESTIGATION OF THE BLACK LILY0no607x10511xxxx
11Mystères du LacTHE K74 SUBMARINE0no9010101166868x