Ranked Playlist Bratislava

[Last Update: April 2022] We’ve visited Bratislava in April 2022 and played a total of 11 Escape Games. 
The final ranking is made up of the individual rankings from 9 enthusiasts from 5 countries.

Ranked Playlist of Escape Rooms played in Bratislava, Slovakia
1Mystery RoomTHE LOST ARCHEOLOGIST0no802112xx1xx
2QuestumSECRET OF NICOLA TESLA0no60122112221
3Room Number 13BATTLE ARENA0no60333323xxx
4Room Number 13LAST SHELTER0no604444xxxxx
5Room Number 13TEMPLE OF SKULLS0no60665731x12
6TrappedTHE LEAKY CAULDRON0no605575xxxxx
7Room Number 13CRIME SCENE0no60779664xxx
8QuestumGHOST STORIES OD SOCIALISM1no60898955xxx
9QuestumCURSE OF MAYA0no60101068xxxxx
10AsylumASYLUM ESCAPE ROOM1no60111111114x333
11QuestumMYSTERIOUS LAB0no60981010xxxxx