James Bloodworth


Atlantis by The Escapement in Broadstairs, UK

“Atlantis” from “The Escapement” has been a long time coming, multiple issues with the site and other problems mean it has taken a long time to finally open. The Escapement already had a bit of a reputation with its first site (full disclosure, I wasn’t a fan of their pirate […]

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IMMATERIUM by Escapologig Nottingham

Just before the second lockdown happened last November, one of the last physical games I got to play was the latest at Escapologic, Immaterium (located in the space that held Crypt-IC).  Officially licensed by Games Workshop (also based in Nottingham) and set in the popular Warhammer 40,000 universe.  It has […]

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Pathogen by Doomsday Games

Even in the remote world, most Avatar led rooms are still 60 minutes so playing a 90 minute one was already an attraction. The story/theme might not be overly original (deadly plague and we have to find the antidote) but the theming of the rooms was on point throughout each […]

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Heistakes by Escapologic

Escapologic has built quite the reputation for quality games and (I’m sad to say) I haven’t played them all even though I live in Nottingham. Escapologic arrived late last year to the world of remote escape rooms with a conversion of their very first room, Contraption. I played that and […]

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Shipwreck Cove

Shipwreck Cove by Memphis Escape Rooms

“Everything’s better with Pirates”Lodge, The Gamers 2:Darkness Rising There are a few themes that instantly attract me and pirates is one of them. Pirate themed rooms are a popular choice for escape rooms and I’ve certainly played a few so was more than happy to sign up for this remote […]

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D’Vile’s Curio Shoppe

Dviles Curio Shoppe by Mystery Mansion

Some friends had already played ‘Night Terrors’, the precursor to this game, and had raved about it.  Happily, you don’t need to have played that game to play this one, so I duly signed up and we began to look for a missing blogger who had disappeared after visiting the […]

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