Fairy Tale Regulations

Fairy Tale Regulations by Pandore & Associés in Paris, France

The Big Bad Wolf went vegetarian, Aladdin’s lamp is coughing, and the Evil Queen is now growing unappetising pumpkins instead of delicious apples. What is going on with the Fairy Tale Universe? The Land of Fairy Tales is powered by magic but it’s more fragile than you would think. The […]

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The Saint

La Santa by SHOCK in Rivas-Vaciamadrid

I had been eagerly awaiting this game since it was announced long time ago. I even hoped to play it in our last trip to Madrid in January 2020, but it was not open back then. Expectations were high and the comments heard about it were promising. Sometimes horror rooms […]

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Nathael by Cubick Mataro

After playing El Secuestro (The Kidnapping) from Cubick a few weeks ago, I had quite high expectations from their newest room, Nathael. It is definitely not one of the scariest games I’ve played, but not one of the lightest ones either. The company’s website has no information about it whatsoever, […]

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The House (La Casa)

La Casa (The House) by Insomnia Corporation in Berga, Spain

Last year this room made it to the Top 10 of the Terpeca and having had a fantastic experience in El cóctel del doctor (The doctor’s cocktail), the first room from this company and the first (or almost) horror room in Spain, I had high expectations. Interestingly, the company (Insomnia […]

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Cybercity 2049

Cybercity 2049 by Escape Barcelona

Take two spoons of Matrix, mix them with half a cup of Terminator and thirty grams of Blade Runner. Mix it well, and here you have it – your very own CyberCity 2049! When I saw that we’re playing that room, I had a certain vision in my mind for […]

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Dog’s Night

Dog's Night by Distrito 7 in Pamplona

Santiago has planned a ridiculously tight escape room trip for us, so food has been a very rare thing in the past few weeks. So when a burger place invited us to eat in District 7, who are we to refuse? I mean, asides of the fact that the district […]

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Call or die

Call Or Die by Over Time in Pamplona

Shadow Island doesn’t exactly sound like a calm city, so it’s quite fitting that in that city 3 senior officials have been kidnapped. Your goal – infiltrate the safe houses in which they are kept, free them, and get back out alive! This has been the 11th game that we’ve […]

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You will float too

You will float too by Mayto Kingdom in Vitoria-Gasteiz

I must admit, that when I saw the title “You Will Float Too” in our agenda, I got excited. Probably some fun room about flying or a swimming pool!But apparently I was… Wrong. Very wrong.It (Huh? You see what I did there?) seems that many people recognise that quote, and […]

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