Daily Archives: 6. January 2019

Dolphin Hotel

That was, we agreed, the best escape game we played in Augsburg. I found the novel of Steven King’s 1408 well implemented in this scenario. An atmospheric decoration, the rising tension curve and also a few moments of shock. In addition there are a lot of puzzles, some of them […]

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Zone 13

Nice ER with varied and tricky puzzles. That was fun! An object didn’t work as expected because we supposedly moved it from it’s original position. To be honest, it was a bit too dark for me in the final room – maybe as a consequence of that – and we […]

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That was the most expensive and worst escape game we ever played in Augsburg. A first generation room with Schema F puzzles, some of which I’ve seen in other Escape Games and didn’t like there. I can only hope that the three new rooms under construction will be much better.

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One Task was not logical from our point of view. That cost us a lot of time and helpless arose. One or two puzzles did not fit to the topic for me either. Team size not more than 4.

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Saw Massacre

The Audio for the introduction was really bad. Come on! That wasn’t Jigsaw! The narrative voice sounded more like a fairytale lesson from his little sister ?. That didn’t give me goose bumps. You can do better than that.

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