Daily Archives: 3. May 2019

Vault 27

Maximum Escape is one of the big players in Barcelona. Very well known and very popular. Currently there are 8 different Escape Games in the two branches, which are not far apart and very central in Barcelona (about 5 minutes walk from Plaça de Catalunya). There is certainly something for […]

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To start with, Whitechapel is (besides Until Dawn) my personal favourite of the 32 Escape Rooms we played in Barcelona and surroundings. A 75 minute horror room absolutely to my taste. But be warned, because scarefactor 9 (10 would be deadly) is quite heavy! You need really strong nerves to […]

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Barum Dum

The Lord of the Rings sends his regards. As an avowed Tolkien fan I was very curious, because I had never played such a topic before. So you enter the abandoned mines of the dwarves, explore their secrets bit by bit and penetrate deeper and deeper into the mysterious world […]

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Zombie Outbreak

To prevent a pandemic in Barcelona, we need to develop a vaccine in the laboratory as soon as possible. A few undead people seem to have something against it and are disturbing us massively in our project. Difficult mission which took us 77 minutes (with 5 People). There were some […]

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A very funny and entertaining game for small and big play children in a toy store ? with many lovely details ???‍♀️?? and things to explore ????. It has a nice turn into a different mood. You can play it also with 4-5 people as there are many many puzzles […]

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Alien Shuttle

In the headquarters of the resistance we meet our leader John Fury. He gives us instructions and send us on a mission to infiltrate the alien shuttle ?? I like the resistance room. It has immersion and atmosphere, several good integrated collaborative enigmas and a really cool decoration. Finally a […]

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