Dark Mirror – Episode 105 “Anthropos”

This is a review of the Escape Room “Dark Mirror – Episode 105 “Anthropos”” offered by Escapepolis Galatsi in Athens, Greece.
  • ⭐️ 9.2/10
  • 🌡 Difficult
  • ⏳ 120 Minutes
  • 👥 3 – 6 Person

Black Mirror is a science fiction anthology series set in a bizarre, high-tech future, exploring a twisted high-tech multiverse where mankind’s greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide. Each episode has different characters and takes place in a new setting.

With Dark Mirror, Escapepolis has adapted this series and takes us on a journey into a parallel universe. We are the victims of a sinister scientist who forces us to undertake a series of special test missions. In a futuristic experiment room we prepare for the different challenges.

Each “series of tests” takes place in a different setting and in each run the team members have to face a variety of tasks or challenges. This makes the whole thing exciting and varied, as each team member has his or her own specific strengths (or weaknesses).

Every successful mission brings us closer to our release – at least that is what the scientist promised us. But can we really trust him? Do we have a real alternative? So we continue to face the tests, whether physical or mental, that the scientist has set for us.

Teamwork and good communication skills are the key to success for most challenges. – Once you have understood them ?. Sometimes we only succeeded in the umpteenth attempt. If you keep doing something wrong, you long for the next task. But, before the frustration level in such a situation becomes too high, help appears via a monitor or assisting voice is heard.

The final mission, which I personally liked best, requires at least from one person to have some level of physical fitness. Fortunately, with Tim, the escalator boycotter, we had just the right man for this strenuous task ??.

How should we categorise this game? It is a very innovative game concept that I have never seen before. Like Twilight Zone meets Chrystal Maze. Dark Mirror is close to what I would still call an escape game. There is a lot of expensive technology in the room and probably also a lot of programming effort. But I think it was an investment in the future, because the way the whole thing is designed, it should be possible to produce more episodes of Dark Mirror with much less effort. I am looking forward to it!

3-4 people should be the best team size for a good gameplay experience for this 120 minute mission. After this game I’ve started to watch the Black Mirror series on Netflix.

Heiner Stepen

Heiner Stepen