Hidden Island – Episode 1

This is a review of the Escape Room “Hidden Island – Episode 1” offered by BreakOut in Milan, Italy.
  • ⭐️ 8.8/10
  • 🌡 Medium
  • ⏳ 60 Minutes
  • 👥 2 – 6 Person

BreakOut has two locations northeast of Milan that aren’t particularly easy to get to by public transport. We therefore used a car-sharing service, which worked very well in Milan and was about half the price of a taxi. Travel time from Milan city center is approximately 30-40 minutes. The two locations are 10 minutes away from each other by car and separated by genre (adventure and horror).

At BreakOut Escape Room Horror there are 3 room type scenarios to choose from. These are categorized as Mystery (The Haunted Hotel, which we previously played as a remote escape game), Horror (L’Enigmista – for the Saw fans), and Super Horror (Hostel – a survival game). These games are not offered in English.

On the other hand, at BreakOut Escape Room Adventure, the Hidden Island Trilogy will be created and will be playable entirely in English. Episode I was completed in May 2021. The second part is to follow in spring 2023 and can then be played seamlessly after Episode I. We are very excited, because at the end of our mission, the sequel was teased in a clever way, with a cliffhanger.

The overall story: A Russian art collector has hired a group of mercenaries to obtain for the hidden treasures of the ghost island of Bermeja. The tycoon managed to find out the island’s secret location, and his minions are already on their way. What they don’t know, however, is that awakening the death god Ah Puch, who is being held captive in the island’s underground, would mean an apocalypse.

The plot of Episode 1: Professor Marcus Brody Jr. has commissioned us to search the Mexican travel agency Yucatàn Tours to find the map with the coordinates of Bermeja and then steal a plane to reach the island.

An assistant to Professor Brody greets us when we arrive in Mexico and brings us up to date. Mauro, the owner of Breakout Milano, slips into this role as an in-character game master, which he embodies very believably. A very immersive and successful start to our mission. Shortly thereafter, we inspect the premises of Yucatàn Tours. There we hope to find information about the exact coordinates of the ghost island. But these are, as it turns out, pretty well hidden.

The tasks and puzzles we have to master require skill, observation and, to a certain extent, our creativity. There were a few humorous components of the game that we particularly liked. After 52 minutes we had completed our job. But that was only the first part of our adventure. We are very excited to see how things will continue. The story is very well worked out and you can feel that a lot of heart and soul went into the project. The setting is very beautiful, coherent and tailored to the story throughout the building, starting in the anteroom.

Hidden Island was one of the highlights of our Milan tour. Visit when the second part of the trilogy is finished and at the very latest when its complete. If you like creepy rooms and have someone on the team who speaks Italian, a visit to Breakout horror is definitely a must too. Despite the somewhat longer journey a must for every escape trip to Milan. We recommend 2-4 players.

Hidden Island - Episode 1 by BreaOut Escape Room Adventure in Milano
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Heiner Stepen