El Orfanato

This is a review of the Escape Room “El Orfanato” offered by Abduction 2 in Barcelona, Spain.
  • ⭐️ 8.3/10
  • 🌡 Difficult
  • ⏳ 60 Minutes
  • 👥 2 – 6 Person

El Orfanato is, as you can guess from its name, a horror room. Not too extreme, but there were already some screams – of course not from me ?. All in all it’s a pretty good mix of fear and suspense. But also the puzzle friends don’t miss out, because it has some cool, original riddles, which fit well to the topic. Decoration and atmosphere are well done and take the players back in time.
Recommendation: 3-4 orphans

I liked all the rooms at Abduction. That makes this supplier to me a top address, which you should have absolutely on the note for a visit in Badalona. Three completely different topics are waiting for you.

Picture of Heiner Stepen

Heiner Stepen