Daily Archives: 31. March 2019

Going Underground

What’s it always say? Save the best for the end! We certainly managed to do that on our Vienna trip. For me as an enthusiast, these are just the kind of escape games it takes to get me on a city break. Going Underground has a fantastic immersion, huge space, […]

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Free Lili

It was very hard for us to get into the game which plays into a chemistry laboratory. The goal is to free an experimental animal. In the beginning we had no clue what to do and without a hint we would probably still sitting in the anteroom. But after that […]

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Baker Street 221/B

Baker Street, Sherlockd’s new prank, is a worthy successor to Holmes, though not quite as difficult as this one. The room with its many creative puzzles is completely self-designed and built. We had fun and Baker Street deserved his bronze medal. Good game for a fair price and certainly a […]

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Der Alchemist

Escape Mission was the first provider in Vienna. The Alchemist is a beautiful, classic Escape Game. Well suited for teams of 2 to a maximum of 4 beginners. You get a voucher for the next time, where the remaining time determines the percentage. After all 36% in our case, because […]

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