Daily Archives: 5. October 2019

Escape The Car (Killer Edition)

In our last visit to Athens we had enjoyed Upside Down in Lockbusters and this new game came highly recommended to us. The game is playable in two modes: Killer and Dream, the first one involves an actor and is a horror game, while the other one does not. With […]

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Crime Scene in Agia Paraskevi, a suburb of Athens, offers four escape games. The two child-suited criminal cases “File: Undercover” and “File: Killing Nikolaou”, as well as “Heresy” and its bad weather suitable version “Benedicta” (corresponds quasi Heresy without the outdoor part) named after the amiable person, who plays an […]

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Room 696

Welcome to the Motel Paranoia! (to be read like singing Hotel California) I found the proposal of this escape room very interesting. Obviously, there are some things, which tend to be common in horror escape rooms, like excessive darkness and not necessarily the toughest puzzles, but this room had quite […]

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Another Dimension

After Mystycity we also played Another Dimension in this company. Personally, I found this second game considerably better than the first one. I think it is a game than in many places in Europe would definitely stand out compared to average rooms. The game provides for a variety of spaces […]

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Another lost temple room is the first thing that comes to my mind, when reviewing this room. It´s a room that lacks the massive dimensions of some of the Greek rooms and therefore it is similar to other rooms proposing the same topic as you can find in different places […]

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Experimentum X

If I had to describe this room in a very short way, I would do it with an analogy and say that this room is something like a Greek equivalent to Abduction 3 in Barcelona. But I imagine many of you have not played this game and the analogy is […]

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