Anna Papachristou

Wake up

A brand new and trully flawless escape room, that meets all the criteria to be in the top 10 of my list. Excellent atmosphere, great sets and props, amazing gameplay, clever puzzles and riddles, very nice jumpscares and acting! The flow gradually escalates in intensity as you discover a lot […]

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Woman in Black

Woman in Black is not a typical escape room, It’s literally a small creepy village full of riddles and terror. Excellent atmosphere, dark and spooky, with very impressive settings. The acting is really amazing and the jumpscares are perfectly synchronized with the sound and the light effects… In other words […]

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Act2: The Litchver Woodland

You will be so surprised by the real forest atmosphere of this ER ! and most of all … you will be scared. Very powerfull atmosphere throughout the game, with crystal clear sound and light effects and with several cinematic and well presented acting scenes. Most of the puzzles and […]

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Color Dreams

Color Dreams is a challenging escape room full of riddles. If I had to use only 2 words to describe it, those would be: observe and combine! The settings are very simple, minimal and austere and almost everything you’ll find in the room is used for solving. Not a single […]

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