Harry and the three Hallows

This is a review of the Escape Room “Harry and the three Hallows” offered by TimeZone in Perpignan, France.
  • ⭐️ 7.5/10
  • 🌡 Medium
  • ⏳ 60 Minutes
  • 👥 2 – 8 Person

First of all – any room that is themed around Harry Potter gets a few extra bonus points in my mind. The company also had a Disney room, but sadly we did not have the time to play it too.

The room isn’t the most impressive Harry Potter room, or the most extravagant one, but it was built with love of the franchise. Many references to the plot and characters can be found, and a few nice locations from the books/movies create a very nice experience. I will also say that being four players, the room did feel slightly crowded at times, so I’ll recommend going with a smaller group. This room also reinforced “The Heiner Technique”, which is Heiner’s amazing ability to completely bypass a very specific type of tedious tasks, in a way that is so not what they meant for us to do, that it is extremely impressive.

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Lee Ballan

I'm an escape room writer from Israel, with nearly 500 rooms under my belt (the "nearly" part will be fixed in a couple of weeks). Currently spending all of my free time writing reviews of the games played in the Spain tour, because of fear of Heiner!