Horror Hotel

This is a review of the Escape Room “Horror Hotel” offered by Exit Now in Athens, Greece.
  • ⭐️ 9/10
  • 🌡 Medium
  • ⏳ 90 Minutes
  • 👥 1 – 12 Person

The mission was clear. Break into the abandoned hotel, find all the creatures inside and eliminate them. Sounds like a suicide mission!

The brave Agent X would have his hands full, facing off against twisted creatures in the huge arena. We had his back and instructed him via an earpiece. We hoped, with our knowledgeable guidance, and a generous police arsenal, he’d make it through the mission with limited harm.

Be alert! Every wrong move can be deadly. Fortunately, we know some of these freaks’ weaknesses.

A thrilling action adventure, in Blair Witch style, with many characters scattered throughout a vast building. While not the main focus, puzzles hinder our Agent’s exploration of the Horror Hotel. Can you solve them… with a monster lurking nearby?

Thanks to Mike and Ramon for 90 minutes of exciting entertainment.

Picture of Heiner Stepen

Heiner Stepen