Daily Archives: 4. October 2019

The Sanatorium (Night)

The Sanatorium is the third part of a trilogy about Nathan Jones, a professor of the University of Boston, who spent the last year researching a recent archeological find, from a small and good forsaken village in the north. Now he’s missing for two month. What is left is a […]

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The Ring

Who doesn’t know the film / novel about the mysterious videotape that kills everyone who has seen it after seven days? Exitus in Piraeus took up this plot and created the eighty-minute Escape Game The Ring from it. Those who don’t know the film should definitely watch it, so that […]

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The Cursed Doll

This was the first of the two games we played at this company. The other one was already reviewed by Heiner called The Ring and, in a way, I am glad we played them in that order, because The Ring was outstanding. This does not mean that The Cursed Doll […]

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Liberta by Terror Escape Rooms in Piraeus is not an escape game in the classical sense. It’s an excellent action room with large spaces and great passages. A live escape from a military base in Middle East where extremists want to execute you. The morning prayer seems to be your […]

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Light Out

After playing “It”, we had planned for one last game that very long day, as our first game started at 14 and what it was going to be our last game started around 2:30. Whether the review is influenced by this, I cannot objectively say, but we were obviously “slightly” […]

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Operation Silk City

Darkschool is a company, which has currently 4 games, all inspired by Resident Evil, and these games build overall a story. If I remember correctly, this is the last part of the story and the first we played. There is no particular order indicated in the webpage and it does […]

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